Friday, September 11, 2009

Quiet Book Pages 1-4

I started a quiet book for my kids. I'm really glad that I'm doing it now because it takes forever and I would never find the time with kids! I'm also glad that I cut it all out first (all 28 pages ya I know I went a little crazy with all the cute page ideas!) so it makes me finish it all otherwise I would probably give up after 4 pages. Really though I've been having fun with it. It's a great thing to do when I'm taking a break from studying and it's relaxing. These pages aren't how they will appear in the book, but I'm just posting them as I finish them.

The clock page is for the kids to learn how to tell time. They can also just have fun moving the handles around. The barn is fun because the kids open the flaps and have some finger puppets to play with. I copied this page from a blog located here.

The piggy bank is for kids to learn about money. I am going to pick up some play money to put in the piggy when I get the chance. Matt says he wants to teach the kids how to save. hehe. The fishing page is my favorite. Mostly because it's a page I came up with myself and it's cute! The kids will have a blast fishing!

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