Friday, August 21, 2009

Chalkboard Plate and Decorative Letters

So this project was pretty simple. I just took a plate I found for $2 and transformed it into a chalkboard using Chalkboard Spray paint. My one complaint is that it dried a little chunky in places since the plate made it easier to gather paint in places. Maybe that is why I've seen these done on square plates? I still think it turned out cute though. Matt put it to good use and writes me love messages. Isn't he cute?

Matt's mom was in town so she helped me to transform these letters. I already had the letters and the paint. We ran to the store to find some cute scrapbook paper and mod pod to adhere it. I originally wanted to these letters to be red, but there is no cute red scrapbook paper and the black paper was adorable. Good thing my kitchen is red, white, and black! Anyways it was a pretty simple project and I love how the red shows on the sides. It matches well with the cute red clock I found!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fall Dress

Awhile ago my mom and I bought the materials to sew this dress and we finally finished it! We used the New Look pattern 6750. It turned out great. Our only complaint about the pattern is that we had to fit the top closer at the top because I am smaller above my waist and wider in the hip area. I really like this dress and it will make a great fall dress. Now maybe I'll be brave enough to sew a couple skirts.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunflower Wreath

Yes, I made this! I bought a grapevine wreath, foliage, and sunflowers to assemble the wreath. It took me forever to get all the leaves to lay right. I even suffered a few hot glue burns. Ouch! I think it's cute so it was worth it. Plus buying one would have cost $40! I am thinking of adding more flowers or maybe different colored sunflowers, but I also like it plain. We'll see.....

Decorative Corkboards

So I was in Ikea the other day and I saw that they had cork boards for $2-$5 depending on the size. I decided that I was going to take these ugly cork boards and make them cute. I've been wanting to make a necklace holder for a long time now. I don't know if you're like me, but I forget to wear jewelry if I don't see it. This makes it easy to see, keeps my necklaces and bracelets untangled, and can fit easily in my closet. These would make cute bulletin boards for a kitchen or would make great teacher presents.

To make my corkboard. I just cut the fabric to the size of the corkboard and then used spray adhesive to glue it on. Don't worry if you are a little off because the ribbon around the edges help to cover up any mistakes on the sides. After you glue the middle you just cut and glue on the ribbon. I used wood glue to glue on the ribbon and hot glue for the bow. It literally took 10 minutes! Add some bigger sized push pins and you are good to go. Who needs to pay for those expensive necklace holders when you can make one for $5?

Here are some other cute ideas to transform a plain cork board into a cute piece of art for a child's room. I will definitely be doing this when I have kids. What can you do with an ugly cork board?