Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quiet book page 9-12

Meet Sammy the blue monster. I just realized that he ended up looking a lot like a Sesame Street character haha (A blue Elmo?). In these two pages the kids get to feed Sammy healthy foods and set the table. Sammy's tummy has a zipper so the kids can retrieve the food after it's digested to feed him over and over again. I got this idea from my mom's beautiful quiet book. It has sentimental value since I loved this page when I was little. I finished this page quickly because it fits into my sunbeam lesson this week, "I eat food and wear clothes." How am I supposed to fill up an hour with that topic? By letting the kids feed Sammy of course (well it will at least entertain them for 10 min)!

These lovely pages are the reason I wanted to start the quiet book. I saw this adorable oven and cupcake page and thought it was so cute. Thus it spurred my desire to do a quiet book. In these pages the kids get to count the cupcakes, put them in the oven to bake, and then put them into the cupcake liners. Cute I think yes!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quiet Book Pages 5-8

I was able to knock out a few more pages. This quiet book is really improving my sewing. I was able to machine sew on the letters spelling Mail and the potatohead body perfectly! I think I will never hand sew anything again now that I can trace better with my machine.

These two pages are for the kids to play mail. I got the idea here. I'm going to add a notebook and a pen in the pockets so that the kids can write messages to each other and stick it in the mailbox. I could also make felt pieces of mail and felt stamps if I so chose later. We'll see....

The first page is for the kids to practice tying their shoes. I want this book to be a learning book as much as a fun book. The Mr/Mrs potato head was a blast to make. I cut out different hats, beards, glasses, shoes, noses, hair, eyes, etc. I used this website for the patterns. Above is featured the pirate potatohead, but their is a lot of potatoheads you can make with this. I think the kids will have a ton of fun with this one.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Quiet Book Pages 1-4

I started a quiet book for my kids. I'm really glad that I'm doing it now because it takes forever and I would never find the time with kids! I'm also glad that I cut it all out first (all 28 pages ya I know I went a little crazy with all the cute page ideas!) so it makes me finish it all otherwise I would probably give up after 4 pages. Really though I've been having fun with it. It's a great thing to do when I'm taking a break from studying and it's relaxing. These pages aren't how they will appear in the book, but I'm just posting them as I finish them.

The clock page is for the kids to learn how to tell time. They can also just have fun moving the handles around. The barn is fun because the kids open the flaps and have some finger puppets to play with. I copied this page from a blog located here.

The piggy bank is for kids to learn about money. I am going to pick up some play money to put in the piggy when I get the chance. Matt says he wants to teach the kids how to save. hehe. The fishing page is my favorite. Mostly because it's a page I came up with myself and it's cute! The kids will have a blast fishing!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spooky Banner, Eek Sign, and Ghost Coasters

Labor day gave me an extra day to craft so I got some time to start working on my Halloween decorations! My mom gave me awesome Halloween magazines (Better Homes and Gardens) so I have a ton of ideas for decorations so I'm starting early. I love Halloween! It will be hard to focus on my MBA knowing all the cute things I want to make. I made the banner to be similar to this banner I came across on the internet. I love her banners and those cute witch hats. I might have to try those.... Anyways I loved it so I copied it and if I do say so myself I think I did a good job ripping it off. And I love having a fireplace to put it on! It took forever to cut out, but once it was all cut out it came together quickly. I had to design the banner myself so now I have the templates to use for other banners (maybe I will copy her Thankful banner too). The Eek sign was more to use my left over scrapbook paper (main project to be seen later) than anything. I just bought a $1 frame at Walmart and cut out some letters and glued them in. Pretty simple, but it will look cute somewhere. Finally I saw cheap shelf liner for a $1 at Big Lots so I decided to make ghost coasters from it. The idea came from the magazine. Well stayed tuned for more Halloween decorations I have a lot more coming.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bowling Bunnies!

I decided to whip up some of these cute bowling bunnies for my future kids. I also made some for the Nieces and Nephews to play with when they are at my mother in laws house. So I made a ton of bunnies 16 to be exact and they are finally done after 4 months! Here is the tutorial I found on Etsy. I did change a couple things from the tutorial to make it better. When I filled the bunnies with rice I put the rice in bags to give it more structure and I added a piece of cardboard at the bottom. I'm not sure how she got hers to stand up, but it wasn't working for me so my method made them way more stable. Wouldn't these be cute in an Easter basket?