Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blairs Dress

This is a dress I made for my niece.You can find the free pattern here. It was really easy to put together and only took me 2 hours including cutting time. Just as a warning this dress ran big. I originally made it for Sara Jane who is 2, but it didn't fit. It fit Blair who is 5. Maybe I didn't use the right seam allowance? Not sure since this wasn't included in the tutorial. Oh well it looks adorable on Blair and I'm sure if you had a child's measurements you could figure out how to make it fit right.Originally the bow was supposed to tie in the front, but it looked better tied in the back. Maybe I'll make a flower to go on the waistband and send it to them. She wore it to church today and she said she loved her new outfit. What a cute model! It's fun sewing for kids and how excited they get. Blair was so happy when she saw the dress. Also I got this fabric on sale for $1.00 a yard on so this dress only cost $1.00! Not bad eh?

Believe Blocks

While I was at my in-laws for Thanksgiving I made these cute blocks while we had a craft party. It's been awhile since I've used mod podge. It was fun! I might just have to make some more for Valentines Day.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Felt Bakery Set

I had the privilege of being a pattern tester for Sweetie Pie Bakery. I got to test out an adorable pattern for a felt cookbook, canisters, measuring cups, brownie, cinnamon roll, cheesecake, macaroons, cherry pie, and peanut butter cookies.

I made the canisters, cook book, and measuring cups in red and blue because I have found that boys also really like my felt food (my nephew Sumner played with it for 3 hours) so I tried to avoid pink. I like how the color combination turned out looking retro. I love it! Wouldn't it look cute with a red play kitchen?

I used the pattern she gave me to test out all the food items. Except I had already made a cheesecake from this tutorial so I used her cheesecake pattern to make a lemon square instead. To get the powdered sugar look at the top I just dabbed white paint on the top. I think it looks just like a lemon square. If you are interested in the pattern she is now selling it on Etsy. Here is the link. I highly recommend it! Her instructions were very easy to follow and everything was fun to make. I especially like how a lot of it was hand sewn so I could do it while I was watching TV in the evenings or on long road trips.

Thanks Jessie for letting me be a pattern tester! I love how everything turned out. It's absolutely adorable! I will definitely be making more of her patterns in the future. It's so cute how can I resist? Now on to the pictures!

The felt canisters are adorable. They open up and even hold baking ingredients flour, sugar, and brown sugar. I even sewed beads on it to make it look like real sugar crystals. Also shown in this picture are the cinnamon rolls and peanut butter cookies.

These pictures show off the felt cookbook and measuring cups. The felt cookbook even has pages that include recipes for the cookbook item. The spine of the cookbook says Bake. Adorable? I think yes.

This is a picture of my cherry cheesecake. I used a tutorial online. This was not included in the pattern.

Here is a picture of the cherry pie and macaroon. I still have one more macaroon to get done. I've never tried them in real life, but they look delicious.

Finally here is the caramel fudge brownie and lemon square. I used her cheesecake pattern to make it.