Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall, Frankenstein, and a Black Cat

Last week I went to Arizona for a conference for my online teaching job. Going to Arizona means crafting with my favorite mother in law Gail. I always bring the unfinished wood projects from Wood Connection in Utah and in exchange she lets me raid her amazing scrapbook collection and puts up with a messy kitchen while we decorate them together. I always forget to snap a picture of hers which are always adorable too.

Keeping with our season theme I picked out Fall for us to do together. Aren't the papers amazing? See what I mean about Gail having the best scrapbook collection!

Matt loves Frankenstein so he picked him out for us to do. This guy was super quick to make. Really just had to paint and glue him together.

This cat was so much fun to do. My favorite part was making the necklace for the cat. Gail has some awesome jewelry making gel which your can use to turn a paper picture into a glossy necklace. So fun!