Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lace Skirt

About a year ago I saw a cream lace pencil skirt at New York and Company and fell in love. The problem was it cost $64 and it was too short. My solution was to finally make one. I grabbed some cream lace and lining from Hobby Lobby and got to work.

I took a pencil skirt that I had from Gap, traced the shape onto wrapping paper then added seam allowance to that to make my pattern. Then I serged the lace and the lining together. Sewed a facing for the waistband. Sewed the side seams and added a side zipper and wah lah a new lace pencil skirt. I am in love with it and I'm really proud of myself for making up my own pattern. I had to make tweaks here and there, but it ended up being a perfect replica of the jean pencil skirt I was copying.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simplicity 2549 Dresses

While Matt's mom was in town we decided to sew dresses together. It gave us an excuse to check out Hancock Fabrics my favorite fabric store. We used Simplicity 2549 and used our measurements to get the perfect fit. I think we were a size 12 on the top and a 14 on the bottom. Sewing pattern sizes are depressing because your size is so much bigger than in store. Leave it to pattern companies to make you feel huge! I love how the dress came out especially the pleats in the front which are very flattering. I learned a ton from completing this pattern with Matts mom like how to do pleats, facings, and darts. I think I will definitely be making another one of these dresses since the fit is so great. My only complaint is the skirt ended up being too short so I had to go back and add a band at the bottom which wasn't fun. So if you are 5"9 like me cut your pattern 2.5-3 inches longer.

When we first walked into Hancocks this lime green damask caught my eye. I love damask! However I always thought it was more for pillows and totes, but Matt's mom convinced me to make my dress out of it. I wasn't sure at first, but I really love it now. I'm not sure why my dress is looking more gold than green in every picture I tried to take of it even with our nice canon camera. It's really a vibrant lime green in person. Pictures never seem to do justice to seeing things in person, but it could be because I don't know how to use my nice camera. Add it to my to do list to learn how.

Here is a picture of Matt's moms. Doesn't she look cute?