Thursday, January 21, 2010

Andreas Baby Dress

I decided I wanted to be better about sewing stuff for my families new babies. I haven't done so well so far, but I'm trying to turn a new leaf. So sorry if you didn't get something from me yet. I'm not picking favorites I promise it's just how much time I have to do stuff like this. I found time for this during Christmas break when I had no school. I definitely wanted to make a dress for Andrea so that she would have something handmade for her new baby girl. I used New Look Pattern 6842 in the newborn size (although newborn translates to 9 months so it's a little big). I bought the designer mother goose fabric on sale at Joanns during their mega Christmas sale for $2.00 yd. So the dress only cost $6 with the pattern and zipper. Who said sewing doesn't save money? I think this dress could easily sell in a designer baby shop for $40. Thank you to my wonderful mom who helped with this project. I couldn't have installed those adorable, but evil puffy sleeves without her! I also made a flower to go on a headband for the babies hair. I used this tutorial. I hope she likes it because I'm in love with it!

I could not take a nonblurry picture of this flower. I tried like 7 times even though the dress pictures turned out fine. So sorry this is the best I could get. I need a new camera!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

I tried to get this done by Thanksgiving, but that definitely didn't happen. I had so much fun making this and think everything turned out adorable! The turkey legs are attached with Velcro and are detachable.

I used this pattern to make the turkey and the small carrots. I'm glad I bought at least one felt food pattern because I learned a lot from the pattern and learned making it isn't as hard as it looks. Now I feel skilled enough to make up more by myself.

I used this tutorial to make the green beans.

I actually figured out the pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and potatoes on my own. Although I sort of referenced this and this site for help on the pie. I used this tutorial for the whipped cream. I used my machine to sew it instead of hand sewing and it came together in 2 minutes literally.

I used this tutorial to make the big carrots, but I changed the top because I wasn't a fan of the top part.

The pumpkin pie is my favorite. I used my ruffle food to make the crust. I think it's the cutest!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Church Crafting

When Matt and I moved into our new ward we were called to be sunbeam teachers. I never knew how challenging it was until my first week. 3-4 year olds have little to no attention span and have a ton of energy. So all year I've been experimenting different ways to teach the children the gospel. I feel so good when I know that they actually understood what I was teaching and it got through to them. Here are some of my tactics I've learned over the last 6 months that are kid tested and work. I also am glad I'm preparing lessons now because I will have ready prepared FHE lessons when we start our family.

1.) Make a felt board. Kids are very visual learners and won't listen unless you have a visual aid. This felt board was so easy to make. It consisted of getting a thick poster board spraying it with spray adhesive and then sticking on the felt. After I just cut around the poster board to get rid of the excess felt. So easy and took 5 minutes.

Once you have your felt board you need to get some figurines for it. I bought a felt Book of Mormon kit at Deseret Book (shown above). Or you can print and laminate these figures on this website or whatever you want.

2.) Going along with the visuals. I like to laminate stories, puzzles, and games that go along with the lesson. I've found some good stuff at this and this website. The Friend is also an excellent resource.

3.) Make some puppets. Kids love puppets. I made some of these puppets to explain that we have a spirit and a body. I used fabric markers to draw it on. It started to die at the end so some of the puppets don't look as good. Don't use sharpies! They bleed and I learned that the hard way. I got the idea from my mom. She had one growing up and we used it for talks all the time.

4.)Make a memory game. Kids love this and are learning as they match things together. Matt made a really cool prophet one to go with our prophet lesson. By the end they started to recognize the prophets faces.

5.) Play the fishing game. I made a fishing pole with a magnet and a wooden dowel. I change it up each week by putting paperclips on different things that relate to the lesson. Kids love it and learn a lot at the same time.

6.) Arts and crafts. I use this book all the time for arts and crafts projects. Someone gave us a copy, but you can find it on Amazon or at Deseret Book. Works great!

7.) If all else fails tempt them to be reverent with gummy bears. That works too!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Complete Breakfast

What do you do when you have a ton of leftover felt? (I bought way too much for the quiet book). As you guessed it I'm progressing into the felt food realm. It's so much fun, so easy, and addicting! I'm planning on stowing these away for Christmas for my kids maybe to go with a cute wooden play kitchen. Here is my pancake, egg, bacon, and sausage breakfast! Doesn't it look yummy? I didn't come up with the idea for the food, but I didn't use a pattern and made them up by myself. The bacon is my favorite. I sewed a pipe cleaner into the middle to make it bendy which I think makes it cuter than the other bacon I've seen online. I also whipped up some of these donuts from this tutorial. Stayed tuned for more felt food I'm addicted!

I actually copied some of the sprinkles to look like Homer Simpson donuts. Nerdy I know!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quiet Book Pages 21-24

I'm getting close to finishing. Can you say longest project ever? I'm starting to lose steam because I keep getting distracted by other projects I'm working on. The first page is a page for the kids to play tic tack toe. The second page is a page for the kids to match the shapes. The shapes snap on and off. I got the templates for the shapes here. The third page is a page where the kids can weave the pie as well as build an ice cream tower. I got to use my new ruffle foot to make the crust around the pie which was really fun! The last page is a gumball machine where the kids match the right colored gumball to the gumball sewed onto the page. This page came together really fast and looks very colorful!