Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gingham Dress Knock Off

I saw this dress at Net-A-Porter and thought it was cute. When I saw it, I thought it looked similiar to the dress I just made. So once again I used Simplicity 2549 and just used gingham fabric this time. I learned how to do a blind hem on this dress. I used this tutorial and it looks great. I also added a sash for the bow. I'm thinking I might make another sash in red so I can wear it different ways. I love this dress and it's my favorite thing I've made so far.

I modeled it with my red purse Matt got me for my birthday last year. Yep he is a keeper! Matt kept telling me to put my purse higher so it would fit in the picture, but this made my arm look weird. I'm in no way a model so forgive me for my akwardness.

The original dress cost $343 and my dress cost $18 so I saved myself $325. Wow, I really need to become a dress maker because they make a killing!

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