Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dalmation Dresses

While I was in Lake Arrowhead, Matt's mom and I decided to make matching dresses for my nieces SaraJane and Blair. We used this polka dot fabric that Matt's mom had on hand. While we were making it and coming up with the design, we both laughed and thought it looked like a Dalmation. This is where this dress gets it's nickname.

We used this tutorial for the main dress except we only folded it over 2 inches instead of the 3 inches because we wanted a smaller ruffle at the top. Then we made 1.5 inch straps instead of adding sleeves.

We had some extra Ric Rac so we decided to make ric rac flowers for the top. We used this tutorial for the flowers. I love how it turned out looking like a chrysanthemum. I'm not sure what size ric rac we used, but it was a smaller sized ric rac which I think helped it look more like a flower.

The girls loved them. Blair said, "Im going to tell my mom that I want to wear this every Sunday." It's fun having such cute models!

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