Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quiet Book Pages 17-20

Yah another 4 pages! The first page is a Rocketship that the kids can move along the string to the moon. This is a pretty basic page, but it's good to have some pages for the kids when they are smaller. The robot page took me forever probably because of all the detail that went into it. This page the kids can pull the elastic legs/arms and play a memory game that is inside the robots tummy. I got the ideas and templates from this site. The third page is a pages where the kids can button the flowers on and off. The last page is a dress me page. I made it unisex so it can be either a boy or a girl by changing the hair. I cut out a ton of clothes like a soccer uniform, a suit, skirts, dresses, etc. A ton of quiet books have both of these pages so it wasn't really my idea, but it's cute! I used this site for a template for the body of the dress-up page.

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